Warehouse 13 Season 4 Review “The Big Snag”

Oh, Warehouse 13. Nobody brings the campiness quite like you do. Last night, Pete and Myka were transported into the pages of a 1940s noir mystery novel and hi-larity ensued. Rather, an occasional chuckle ensued. Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly gave exceptionally hammy performances, replete with styled dialogue that was about as subtle as a cinderblock to the face. As usual, it was up to the Jinx/Claudia/Artie trifecta to carry the episode. The episode had a solid start as Myka and Pete used a jade elephant artifact to capture electrical bursts in one of the Warehouse’s rows of bric-a-brac. The story lost its color, literally and figuratively, when an explosion of energy sent the two hurtling into the era of dames and gumshoes. In one of the only laugh out loud moments of the night, Pete bemoaned that they had been sent back in time again, but Myka reminded him that life was still in color in the 1940s, so this had to be something else. From this point, it felt like I was stuck watching a high school play version of Casablanca. It actually made my high school’s performance of Hello Dolly seem Tony award worthy. READ MORE...


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