Awkward Season 3 Review “That Girl Strikes Again”

Jenna’s still searching for validation in her relationship with Matty in this week’s Awkward, ‘That Girl Strikes Again’, and, despite finding it every week, there’s a definite sense that the previously unattainable guy isn’t really what she wants after all. This was kind of like a ‘day trip to college’ episode in which Jenna found a place she could belong outside of her stifling high school environment. Colin’s party was full of people who appreciated her artistic nature and frank attitude, and it was Matty who found himself on the outs. It was an important moment for Jenna, who has always felt insecure about what others think of her (she can blame that one on her mother), and I wonder how long it’ll be before she grows a big enough sense of herself to settle for the pretty boy jock. READ MORE...


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