New Girl "Elaine's Big Day" Review - Ending Swiftly

Looking back at season two of New Girl (a season that ranks up there with the all-time best in TV, in my opinion), one can clearly see the moment where New Girl went from being a really, really good show to a great show, and that happened in "Cooler," when Nick and Jess finally kissed and the two of them had to figure out "What the hell do we do about this now?" With Nick and Jess's evolving relationship, New Girl finally found a clear focus for itself. New Girl still remained a show about friendship and the struggles of one's early thirties, but it became less about watching five people just hang out and make jokes and more about the hopes and fears of two people that really care about each other and want to make it work but aren't sure if that's possible. By being really authentic with its two main characters, New Girl ensured that Nick and Jess's relationship was not only the focus of the show but also its heart. READ MORE...


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