Bates Motel 1.09 Review

Tonight’s episode, "Underwater," tried to prepare us for what is to come in next week’s finale by furthering Norma’s dive into insanity while bringing her son along for the ride. First, here’s what happened in the episode: Norma decides to sell the motel and move because she can’t stand how crazy things have been getting in this town. She calls it "face-dive-off-a-cliff" crazy, which makes sense because she basically moved into the worst possible town. In addition, she has pot-smoking drug dealers pitching up tent in her motel and they just don’t care about anything – because they are high. While this is going on, she also has Jake Abernathy from last week still harassing her to give him something that he needs – which is completely unclear to what it actually is that he is looking for. We find out at the end of the episode that he needs the 150,000 dollars that the deceased Zack Shelby owed him, and now it’s up to Norma to pay it because that makes sense. Finally, for the icing on the psychotic cake, Norman screams to her that she is crazy when she says that they are moving undoubtedly rooting the words inside her wounded mind. READ MORE...


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