How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Finale Recap: Legend -- wait for it -- Married

This How I Met Your Mother this week was less a group effort and more a pairing off so we’ll take them one by one. Ted and Lily: Ted has finally finished the remodel on his house and he wants to show Lily. They get up to the house and Lily is so excited for him. She can see him raising his kids there. Ted however has a for sale sign against the wall. He isn’t keeping the house; in fact he isn’t even staying in New York. After Barney and Robin’s wedding he is moving to Chicago. Lily is stunned and unhappy. He can’t move to Chicago. Ted says he is leaving the day after the wedding. Lily figures out his real reason, it is because of Robin. She is still the love of his life and she is marrying Ted’s best friend. That’s why he can’t sick around to watch them live happily ever after. READ MORE...


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