Game of Thrones 3.07 "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" Review:

Romance abounds again on Game of Thrones—well, romance and a little ménage à trois action during a reprieve from being tortured. That’s right, Theon’s arc has some movement and even if the movement is primarily in his pants I’ll take it. He is momentarily released from the torture apparatus to have his wounds tended and then the action begins. These two ladies, excuse me, whores, speak of his penis as if it has a mythology of its own. "We’ve heard so much about it", they’ll say enthusiastically. Man, Westeros is laden with studs! First we have the great Podrick, then Jon Snow and that indelible thing he does with his tongue, now Theon! Alas, Theon ultimately finds his "famous cock" at knifepoint by the end of "The Bear and the Maiden Fair." Women everywhere grieve. READ MORE...


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