Revenge Season Finale Recap: Secrets, Lies and Truths

One Hamptonite died in tonight's season finale of Revenge and this death has turned another character on to a dark path that will continue next season. Blackout. Revenge's season finale began with the Carion program wiping out the power throughout a large part of New York. Emily, Nolan and Aiden realized that the Falcon had set them up and triggered Carion to begin when Nolan hacked the Amanda Clarke Foundation. Of course, all of this would lead to Aiden, so Emily ordered him to run. Meanwhile, Daniel was leading Charlotte through the chaotic city to their father's campaign headquarters. In the Hamptons, Jack told Victoria that a laptop existed with proof against Conrad, but it might be in his office safe. Victoria opened the safe but didn't find the laptop so Jack told her that he could broadcast the conversation where Conrad talks about getting rid of Amanda at his upcoming press conference. In the City, Regina and Declan were trapped inside of a bank and Declan realized that Regina was in love with Charlotte. As the power was restored, Regina set a trap for Declan. READ MORE...


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