Once Upon a Time Season Finale Recap: Neverland's Secrets are Revealed

Once Upon a Time's second season came to an end this week with a finale that set up a clear and unexpected storyline for the third season. Activating the Trigger. We opened in Storybrooke with Mr. Gold watching as Henry played with Granny. But the idea of Henry destroying him one day is obviously weighing on Gold's mind, because he nearly killed the boy through magic before the Charming family found them. While Emma went off to tell Henry about Neal's (possible) death, Mary Margaret and David told Mr. Gold the news about his son. Gold was devastated and believed that he was responsible for Neal's death. Meanwhile, deep inside the mines, Greg and Tamara were searching for one of the dwarves' axes and explained the effects of activating the trigger to Hook. When they revealed that everyone (including themselves) would die as a result of the trigger, Hook said that he was fine with it. READ MORE...


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