The Vampire Diaries 4.22 "The Walking Dead" Review

On a show like The Vampire Diaries there are plenty of characters who have been killed and so when there is an opportunity to bring back some people from the dead emotions are going to run high. "The Walking Dead" didn't disappoint with those that it returned and it looks like Graduation Day might not be the fun celebration that Caroline is hoping it will be. Elena's grieving process has been rather unconventional and because everyone is so concerned with "fixing" her all the time, it's not surprising that she is focusing all of her energy and emotions on rage. Elena's obsession with killing Katherine in this episode gets a little repetitive, but that is the point. This cycle isn't going to achieve anything in the long run but Elena is scrambling for an anchor and the attempts to distract her all fail because they have no purpose; she has no family to send letters to (way to go Caroline) and who wants to break cinder blocks?! Damon is avoiding her and Stefan's attempts to use himself as a guiding example fall short because he had the same killing compulsion with Klaus as Elena has with Katherine. READ MORE...


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