Grimm Season 2 Review “The Walking Dead”

Watching Grimm is starting to feel like watching a tennis match. Some weeks it drops the ball and some weeks it serves up only aces. Last night’s episode was worthy of the finals at Roland Garros. We got back to the intrigue with the royal family and Adalind’s demon baby, finally moved past the Juliette amnesia storyline, James Frain returned, and there was a super cool N’awlins zombie maker. This week’s Wesen story was the most interesting one we’ve seen this season. From the preview, it seemed that we were going to get a Walking Dead inspired zombie story. Instead we got Baron Samedi, a Cracher-Mortel with the power to spew a green goo that induces a trance-like state resembling death. By the end of most episodes, the Baron would have been vanquished. In a delightful twist, the Baron not only made it through the hour, we saw that he is working with Eric Renard and is storing a zombie army in shipping crates. This looks like we’re heading to a zombie-pocalypse, which can’t bode well for our resident Grimm. The pacing on the Baron story was perfect. Nick and Hank were occupied with trying to figure out how the dead were reanimating, but there was still plenty of time in the episode for the side stories. The integration of the Baron with the royal schism was even better because it brought the Wesen conflict into a larger story. READ MORE...


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