Supernatural Season 8 Finale Review: Legends of the Fall

Jeremy Carver, sir, you certainly know how to make an impression. The season 8 finale of Supernatural delivered so many terrific individual moments, gave the fans a spectacular final 10 minutes, tied up some loose ends and left so many amazing possibilities for season 9 that my head is basically reeling. The Deal It’s clear that "Sacrifice" had two separate, though interconnected, stories. One of them was about Heaven, which is where we’ll begin. Metatron was taking Castiel on what he called the second Angel Tablet Trial, which involved taking Cupid’s bow. This allowed for a few moments of really fun comedy as Cas tried to play matchmaker to make a cupid appear, but Naomi’s henchmen had finally found their angel and delivered the news that he was with "the scribe". Metatron was taken from Cas and strapped to Naomi’s torture chair, so Castiel went looking for Dean for help. READ MORE...


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