Modern Family 4.23 "Games People Play" Recap

This week on Modern Family each family is wrapped up in their own separate adventure. Jay, Gloria & Manny: Manny can’t find his backpack anywhere and this is a problem as he has a poetry reading that night. He thinks it might be at the Dunphy’s so they head over there. When they get no answer Gloria walks around the back of the house and moments later she is at the front door letting Jay and Manny in. Jay wonders how she got into the house but she tells him not to ask. While Manny is looking for his backpack Jay and Gloria are doing what all of us want to do, snoop. Gloria is in the medicine cabinets and Jay is going through their mail. Did you know Phil subscribes to a trampoline magazine? Manny’s backpack isn’t there though so he wants to try Cam & Mitchell’s. READ MORE...


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