Stories We Tell - Review

Stories We Tell, the third feature directed by Sarah Polley (Away From Her), takes the proposition that reality is more dramatic than fiction and tests it out in a startlingly original, even head-spinning way. For most of the movie, we're watching a documentary of family secrets made in the dark, confessional, into-the-abyss spirit of Capturing the Friedmans. The film's central figure, though long deceased, is Polley's own mother, Diane, whom we see in Super-8 home-movie footage, and who's described as a free spirit stuck in a life that couldn't contain her. Her marriage to Michael, a dashing actor she met in 1965 when they were in a play together, cools off pretty fast, and both he and Polley's adult siblings speak candidly of Diane's hidden pleasures and torments: the lovers she took, the kids from an earlier marriage she lost custody of. READ MORE...


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