Lost 6.6 Review: The Dark is Rising - Featured

War changes everything. Especially on network television. And after untold countless skirmishes and minor battles, the real conflict of Lost--the one that has been hiding behind everything--finally broke loose with a vengeance last night. And by my estimate, the good guys are seriously in the negative.

Tonight's vehicle for the darker-than-usual storyline was the one man on the island who knows war better than anyone; Sayid Jarrah. Weeks ago, in the supposed throes of death, he wondered where exactly his soul would go when he died. Surely, he wasn't bound for any kind of peaceful rest.

Although he remains alive, Sayid was on the right track. In both the island reality and the sideways universe, Sayid found himself fighting his murderous background and coming up in the negative. His is an interesting journey, and although I'm sure it's far from over, it reaches a kind of cyclical crescendo. For this man, violence has always beget violence, and when justice or revenge needs a hired gun, Sayid has always been there to aid it. Tonight, with his story front and center, Lost drives home just how important his character arc--the man who can never escape the shadow of the sword--is to the arcane events on the island.

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