'World War Z' viral clip warns of global 'Crisis Zero' for Brad Pitt vs zombies movie

With just over a month until its release, it's time for "World War Z" promotions to kick into gear. Trailers and posters have already been released, but what's a big-budget Summer movie without a little viral marketing? "World War Z's" new video is in the style of a PSA, warning humanity about "Crisis Zero," which is slowly overtaking the planet. Nowhere in the clip is the movie's title or even the word zombie mentioned. In fact, if you didn't know going in that this was a marketing tool for "World War Z," there would be no indication that it was for a movie at all. Though, the end of the video does point viewers to visit Facebook and Tumblr pages. It also advertises an official website, which allows users to go deeper into "Crisis Zero." READ MORE...


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