Saint Seiya Omega Episode 32

This was another fun episode of Saint Seiya Omega, though nothing that breaks the mold, really. I do have a question about the time frame, though. So, after being sent away by Harbinger, Ryuuho was (let's say) immediately brought Gemini Paradox's temple. The time when that occurred was with 10 hour and 57 minutes left before Mars' plan is complete. Okay, that's fine. Yuna, however winds up at Cancer's temple with 10 hour and 16 minutes left to go. What the heck was going on for those 41 minutes after she was transported out of Harbinger's temple? Also, does that mean Souma and Haruto are also flying around time and space waiting to have a chance to fall at one of the temple entrances? That's... really odd. READ MORE...


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