Hancock reviewed

He’s hungover when we first meet him. With two empty bottles of alcohol rolling in the wind slightly underneath the public bench he’s sleeping on, and another bottle hanging loosely from one of his hands, his ragged and dirty clothes give him the appearance of a homeless man. Nobody seems to be paying him much attention, but it’s more like they don’t care about him. His wool cap is pulled down over his eyes, the image of an eagle stitched into it. He has days’ worth of unshaven facial hair masking his skin and his snoring is loud and obnoxious, further solidifying his appearance as a bum. Then, all of a sudden, a young boy walks up to him, slapping his arm to wake him, proclaiming his name: “Hancock!� Hancock awakens grumpily, the kid points out news coverage of a high-speed pursuit (�Bad guys!�), and Hancock tells the boy to get the hell out of his face. After cricking his neck, putting on a pair of sunglasses and making a face, Hancock blasts off into the Los Angeles skyline with a fresh bottle of booze, leaving the debris of the demolished bench in his wake. Not exactly the first impression a superhero should make, wouldn’t you say?

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