Saint Seiya Omega Episode 42 - Fat-Free Review!

Once more, we'll start off with a recap, and then move on to my feelings on the episode as a whole. Athena was a cute baby! Hmm... This episode seems geared towards older fans once more. He talks about a lot of trouble that's befallen Athena which I haven't seen or heard of. My question is whether or not Ionia was actually around in any of the older Saint Seiya series. I'm doubtful. The scene where Athena goes back to Ionia and offers him a second chance is very touching. I nearly cried! Ionia was WAY too easily swayed to help Mars out!!! I'm surprised Kouga didn't throw back into Ionia's face how much Athena was hurt because of his actions against her and how much she's continuing to be hurt because of his betrayal. Kouga actually being allowed to land a few hits is cool, especially knowing that he isn't going to have an easy fight here. READ MORE...


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