Saint Seiya Omega Episode 43 - Fat-Free Review!

Wait... 2 hours and 10 minutes? Last episode said 3 hours and 30 minutes! The fight with Ionic did not take 80 minutes! Pisces Amor's face is creepy. "Silent Water" seems like a move our heroes could break through. I'm just saying that Pisces has already admitted that he isn't the strongest warrior and we know that Virgo Fudo was the strongest in terms of cosmos, so really, what threat is Pisces? "Arrested Judgement" like another thing Kouga should be able to break through with a high enough cosmos, but I'll just chalk it up to having a useless ability except in this current situation. Notice I'm giving this bogus move a lot of leeway! Ha! The look on Yuna's face when Pisces "And I'd thought you a lady." Hahaha!!! Pisces Amor's face is really creepy. READ MORE...


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