Saint Seiya Omega Episode 45 - Fat-Free Review!

Kouga: "Mars, where are you?" Me: "PROBABLY AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS, YOU FOOL!" Stop showing the planet Mars approaching! It's embarrassing to even look at, and it reminds the viewers of how stupid Mars' ultimate plan is. Kouga finally gets his confrontation with Mars, but it's really lacking. Kouga gets beaten pretty easily. That's twice we've seen him subdued without any hassle now! What happened to the Kouga who always was able to get back to his feet no matter what?! Eden is useless for the most part, but I like where he says that this new world will be born on the backs of many, many innocent people who will die from this. Not enough Yuna! Bring back Yuna! Her fight is more interesting than Mars' back-story. READ MORE...


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