Saint Seiya Omega Episode 50 - Fat-Free Review!

Wait. Athena could communicate telepathically with people all this time? Well, maybe the staff particles (or whatever) woke her up, as we see them touching her as it disintegrates. Yuna: "Kouga! My heart as a Saint will reach you!" Well, it'll take a bit more than that. I have to hand it to Yuna, though. All she needs is a bit of hope to try and fight someone leagues above her in terms of power. Yuna's cute, yet pathetic "Kouga~~~~!" made me laugh a bit. I'm sorry, Yuna! The moment when Abzu is about to kill Athena and they play the sad music should be more heartbreaking than it is, but honestly, we have one episode of them ever interacting with one another in 50 entire episodes. You're just milking it now... READ MORE...


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