Supernatural Season 8 Finale 2013 Review “Sacrifice” – Sent from Heaven

In this episode of Supernatural, called "Sacrifice," Sam and Dean get down to business on the last Trial, Castiel and Metatron get to work on their second Trial and everyone races to the finish line to close their respective Gates. The Gates of Hell First up, just have to say that I was happy that the boys were able to call off Crowley before he killed Jody Mills. We already lost Sarah and I would’ve been none too pleased to lose Jody, too. We all knew that they were going to trap Crowley, but I love that it wasn’t a huge trick so much as Dean just slapping cuffs on him and showing the demon the business end of his first. Once Sam got through confession and started the injections, I was amazed that it seemed to be working, but I guess we should’ve known that it was too good to be true. Sam having to give up his life to close the Gates makes sense and I’m sure glad that Dean stopped him before it was too late. Or did he? The Gates may not have closed, but Sam sure didn’t look good at the end there, did he? READ MORE...


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