One Piece Episode #498 Review

With the gang out on their own trying to make something of their lives on their own without the influence of adults, they’ve managed to do it for awhile as the seasons have changed and it’s now winter time. The three have really bonded well since everything went down and while Luffy is the youngest one there, he’s managing to hold his own pretty well. The opening shows a good hunt that the three of them are on and Luffy does quite good in taking down the beast so they can have some good meat to eat for awhile. Of course, any situation that Luffy is in has to go to a whole other level as a powerful tiger has shown up, a very big one, that’s definitely something that would cause any kid to let loose in his britches. While Luffy doesn’t exactly do that, he does show some fear but still stands his own, a familiar and important part of his character. READ MORE...


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