One Piece Episode #510 Anime Review

With the Straw Hats storylines underway to bring them all back together to support Luffy now that they know that Ace is dead, the show shifts to dealing with a few more of them here. Luffy’s actually getting a bit of a move on himself which is nice as he’s not just sitting around but rather working with Rayleigh and Jimbei to get back out into the seas. It’s surprising to see him moving so swiftly and taking on a Marine ship so easily, but it makes sense that with the people involved, they could essentially pick one up with no trouble and use it to get into the barrier that surrounds Marineford. Rayleigh is still a big unknown though with what he’ll bring to the table with events, but he has been the last thing Luffy needed to get his rear in gear, so he’s been useful in that area at least. READ MORE...


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