One Piece Episode #511 Anime Review

After a few episodes involving the Straw Hats extricating themselves from their various islands after spending the last hundred plus episodes there, the end of the last episode shifted focus back on Luffy a bit as he and the group he’s with that includes Rayleigh has them going back to Marineford. It’s an unxpected move in general considering what happened there and how difficult a situation it is, but Rayleigh has a plan to be certain. While some time has passed since the epic battle there that resulted in a lot of deaths, it’s still not been that long overall so the place is still in ruins with a lot of reconstruction going on. There’s a certain peace to it all as well. Which doesn’t last long when Luffy’s ship slides into the bay and fires off a blank in order to announce their return. Talk about creating a panic. READ MORE...


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