One Piece Episode #515 Anime Review

The coming together of the Straw Hats has been a mixed bag for me, mostly because it comes across as a drawing out of events rather than getting things really going with the next storyline. It does have an advantage in that it’s letting us get reacquainted with the cast after they’ve largely been thrown to the four winds for so long now, well over a hundred episodes in fact, that it’s good to remind everyone who they all are. They’re just not doing a good job of it for the most part as characters I’m not familiar with aren’t really being worked well to serves as advancement of story and introductions. And before you start, a series can’t always survive on just who has been watching it since episode one. It has to bring in new viewers too. And with these guys being off screen for nearly two years broadcast time for the most part, it’s not a bad thing to do. READ MORE...


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