One Piece Episode #517 Anime Review

One Piece had started to worry me a bit after the Marineford arc and the flashback arc with how long they’d focus on the rest of the Straw Hats before getting back to the main storyline. I liked the idea, but it could be drawn out far too long. When the call was made for the crew to meet up again in two years time in order to move forward with Luffy’s new plan, I feared two years worth of stories with them all apart like that. Thankfully, they’ve leaped forward the two years (which gives us lots of future flashback material) and are now kicking off the new chapter of the series, showing us a cast that has grown, gotten stronger and had more adventures. While Luffy doesn’t look significantly older here, it’s only been two years, there’s something slightly different about him that gives him a stronger and more determined look while still retaining who he is. READ MORE...


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