One Piece Episode #522 Anime Review

While it took a few episodes, the show got appropriately big and fun in the previous episode with the arrival of the Navy and its peacekeepers to deal with Luffy, or Fake Luffy as the case may be, only discover that Real Luffy is there too and to start in on all that comes from that. It’s a fun bit that played out and worked to clean out a lot of the things that had been happening as the Fake Straw Hats got dealt with while Luffy ends up meeting up with the real Zoro and Sanji with Rayleigh urging them on. Rayleigh’s still not a character I’m too good with, but I like the way he handles himself here as well as the brief flashback it opens with that shows how he trained Luffy over the time leap period. It definitely reinforces their bond, though I’m just happier to see Luffy back with his friends at this point more than anything else. READ MORE...


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