'Scandal' Season 2 finale - 'White Hat's Back On': The name of the father

Here's the thing about "Scandal": It's so well-made, and the actors so clearly relish every fast-talking line of dialogue they get to deliver, and the plot whipsaws so quickly that it's almost pointless to try to track it, that it's really easy to get swept along and enjoy the ride. Until, that is, the ride jumps the track and gives you whiplash like it did in the final scene of Thursday's (May 16) Season 2 finale. With Defiance now seemingly forever put to rest*, David Rosen has his career back, Fitz is making peace with Mellie, Cyrus is back in the seat of power and Olivia is once again trying to move on. It's not a perfect ending for any of them -- they all gave up something to get there -- but it's one they can all live with.READ MORE...


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