Beelzebub Episode #19 Review

After having a bit of freedom from Beel while Beel was sick and not feeling well, which allowed Oga to get out and about without being shocked, things took a strange turn when Tojo ended up acquiring Beel over his shoulder and proceeded to take down Oga with a single, powerful blow. It’s a difficult moment for Oga since losses aren’t exactly in his nature and having it combined with the loss of Beel, who does look very out of sorts and not exactly bonded to Tojo at this point, only made things much worse. What adds insult to injury though is that when he returns home, Hilda lays into him about abandoning Beel and then introduces him to a Demon World doctor named Lamia who is an assistant to the Court Doctor, a little blob of a character. Lamia, however, is a pint-sized pink haired outgoing young woman who grates on Oga from the start. READ MORE...


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