Beelzebub Episode #20 Review

Oga’s encounter with Tojo and Beel previously has definitely left an impact on him, especially as it’s seemed like Hilda and the others have cleared out of his life. He’s still frustrated by what happened with Tojo and how things have gone with Beel, but there’s an uncertainty about how he’s intending to proceed about it, if at all in a way. But knowing Oga, he’s going to feel the need to crush Tojo at some point and that’s how some of the others he’s dealt with feel. That has him meeting up with Kanzaki and Himekawa after they get him to see them as they try to join forces with him. The two of them have had it rough since getting taken down by Oga, but they see Tojo as the larger threat at the moment and want to ally in order to deal with that problem. Oga’s not the sharpest tool in the box though and it takes a bit for him to really get all of this. READ MORE...


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