Beelzebub Episode #23 Review

After all the recent events, it is thankfully time to send Furcas and Lamia back home. While they’ve had cute moments, Lamia is the type that annoys the heck out of me. Furcas could use a little more screen time though since he’s not a normal character in a sense. With it being time for them to return to the demon world, that means bringing in Alaindelon to transport them, which is good since his limit is about two people and it takes some serious energy to do it as it involves crossing dimensions. Naturally, the whole events should go off without a hitch, but leave it to the baby to screw it up by getting sucked in himself. That may seem cute and fun, but considering distance between him and Oga could cause Oga to be killed, it turns into a panic worthy situation that sucks them all in and puts Alaindelon out of commission. READ MORE...


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