Beelzebub Episode #25 Review

The summer vacation has ended, which is good considering where Oga and the rest ended up, but things aren’t exactly going to go swimmingly for the group. Considering the state Oga left the school in, he figured that they’d just take the time off until things got sorted out. But as Furuichi points out, they do have school as everyone has been assigned to different schools in the area to continue their education. With the school they were in considered the worst of the worst, anything is a step up. Having Furuichi and Oga going to St. Ishiyama is like being elevated to heaven as it’s a huge school, a fantastic reputation with a high college acceptance and a severe abundance of girls since it’s almost evenly split. There’s a whole lot to like there with the whole upper class but not snooty scale of the place. READ MORE...


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