Beelzebub Episode #34 Anime Review

The school takes a break from events revolving around serious fighting in order to give us a weak school festival episode. What They Say: It’s finally the day of the Saint Ishiyama School Festival and the big volleyball match! But the match doesn’t happen until the afternoon, so Furuichi decides to enjoy the school festival atmosphere, specifically the Maid Cafe that Azusa and her class are running. Unfortunately things get a bit out of hand… The Review: Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) With the revelations that we’ve now had about the past for Oga and at least one of the 6 Holy Knights, the show has opted to break from the more serious back story we got and to do something a bit lighter once again. Which is welcome since as much fun as I’ve been having with the arc overall, the show succeeds the most when it’s just having fun and especially when Beel is used. And he’s been very lightly used as of late. What this episode wants to do is to get the school festival material going and have fun in that direction. And it does it pretty well by covering the basics, including making sure that the 6 Holy Knights are made even more holy by their maid/butler cafe where they earn themselves even more adoring fans. READ MORE...


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