Beelzebub Episode #35 Anime Review

While the idea of the 6 Holy Knights is one that I do find fun when it comes to a school like this, the method through which it’s unfolding hasn’t been since it’s been rather focused on just one or two characters for a bit and not really utilizing Beel all that well, or even Oga when you get down to it. Having the first competition between the two getting ready to start up in the previous episode, we saw a lot of the training side of things as it involved the gang trying to figure out how much they know about volleyball. And while I am a fan of sports anime, some shows bringing in sports to their ongoing storylines doesn’t always work out for the best. Still, the series has a chance to show some quirkiness, which it does when one of the announcers decides to wear a cat suit during the public exhibition. READ MORE...


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