Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Perfect Storm" Season 9, Episode 24

Grey's Anatomy super storm rocked the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in more ways than one: At least one doc got the shock of his life, another couple broke up and the fate of two other couples was left up in the air. Fortunately, there was some good news during the finale: Meredith Grey had her baby, and he's totally fine! Let's take a look at where our fave docs ended up this season: Meredith and Derek: To complicate matters during the storm, Meredith's in labor and needs a C-section, but with the power out, it'll be next to impossible. When the baby is born, it's not crying and Derek must bring the wee one to the NICU. Everything seems fine, but then Mer's doc gets pulled away when Shane is sewing her back up and they notice blood in her IV, meaning she's bleeding internally. Mer must walk Shane through the procedure... until she passes out. But, in the end, Mer and baby are totally fine and they name the kid Bailey (find out why below). READ MORE...


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