Supernatural Episode Recap: "Sacrifice" Season 8, Episode 23

Well, it's the end of Season Eight. Will Sam shut the gates of hell? Will Cas succeed in locking Heaven's Doors? Can Metatron be trusted? Will Crowley defeat the Winchesters? How in the world have we arrived at another season finale? Time flies when you're having fun. Before I get to Metatron and Cas, let's do a couple of things. First, I want to say that my MVP for "Sacrifice" is Mark Sheppard. When the Winchesters captured Crowley (good plan, by the way), the quest to cure a demon started. At the beginning of the episode, the King of Hell was his usual blustery and wonderfully sarcastic self. But with injections of Sam's blood, we got to see a whole new side to Crowley. READ MORE...


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