Elementary (CBS): The Woman, The Bee and The Partnership– A Look Back At A Brilliant Freshman Season

Irene is Moriarty. Has there ever been a more satisfying plot twist? I don’t think so. Elementary spent the entirety of its first season subverting my expectations, but I was still left shocked and impressed by the wonderfully twisted Moriarty reveal that closed out the first hour of the season finale. In retrospect, introducing a shadowy male figure to play Sherlock’s iconic nemesis would have been far too familiar of a move for a series that delights in reinventing the Holmes’ canon to make, but in the moment I was too caught up in the story to see the truth: that Irene, "The Woman" in Sherlock’s world, was nothing more than a construct built by a brilliant, dangerous woman to get inside Sherlock’s head. READ MORE...


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