Scandal Season 2 Review “White Hat’s Back On”

There are many things Scandal does well, and exciting season finales is one of them. This episode moved at an even more breakneck pace than usual and it threw so many twists in that it’s a wonder we weren’t pretzels by the time those last two minutes came. There was so much going on in this episode, that there’s no way I can really touch on all of it, so I’m going to try to hit just a few of the high points. A few thoughts about "White Hat’s Back On": I’ll start with David because of all the many surprises in this episode, I have to say I was most pleased by how his story worked out. I must admit that I was pretty disappointed with David last week when it was revealed that he’s the one who stole the Cytron card and was working with the mole aka Billy Chambers. I was disappointed because, up until that point, he had been the only character on the show who I felt was truly a white hat. He was the only character that was trying to do the right thing simply because it was the right thing. He had a solid sense of justice and a deep love for his country and the law that governs it. Last week I was disappointed to see that he had allowed himself to succumb to the easy path instead of the righteous path. READ MORE...


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