Movie Review: In Erased, Aaron Eckhart Does Liam Neeson

Aaron Eckhart (who’s already had one action hit this year with Olympus Has Fallen) is apparently out to claim Liam Neeson’s mantle: Just like in the Taken films and Unknown, he’s playing an ex-black-ops guy who has to protect/save/find his family in this Europudding action thriller. The title, Erased, even sounds like a Liam Neeson film. (It was originally called The Expatriate, which was presumably nixed because Americans won’t know what the hell an expatriate is.) Five years from now, it’ll be an inevitable source of confusion: “Wait, what was that Liam Neeson movie? Abducted? Disappeared? Vanished? Erased?” “No, dummy, Erased starred that other guy…what’s his name?”



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