Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Finale Review “Never Turn Back”

Well crap, just as I was ready to write off Beauty and the Beast once and for all, the show pulled ‘Never Turn Back’ out of the bag. This season finale saw Vincent given the option of becoming human once again, but Muirfield’s return puts his new life into jeopardy before it has even begun. It wasn’t a brilliant episode, but it was easily the strongest of the second half of this season. The premise of the episode was pretty simple at its core: Gabe’s medication wasn’t killing Vincent as was thought, instead the small dose he took was overriding his corrupted DNA and reversing the beast side of him. All it would take to turn him back into the beast during this transitional state, however, was some sort of vaccine, which would kick his immune system into overdrive. For some reason, this would be a permanent change, and he would never be able to take Gabe’s pills to become human at a later stage. READ MORE...


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