"All's Fair" and It's Wonderful

The conclusion I have come to after the second episode of Trauma is that this show is far from phenomenal, but it has the potential to get there.

So many things went on in this episode - so many storylines, so many emergencies, so many characters - that it ended up being pretty exhausting to watch. Trauma is a new show, so there is a true need for it to establish itself and its characters in the hearts and minds of the general public. But juggling the development of several (I counted three) vital aspects of Rabbit's convoluticated personality, elaborating on the twisted and questionable moral/emotional context of Boone, and setting up future complications for Nancy and her new partner Glenn all in the same fortyish minute span is just too much. Especially when there are also no fewer than four EMS calls (one major) in that same fortyish minutes.

That is a definitely flaw in the show's makeup, but it is easily fixed. And when the craziness gets toned down (I'm making an uncharacteristically optimistic assumption here), it will be easier to fully enjoy the capacity that Trauma has already shown for genius. Case in point: they combined a wood chipper, a small child, an inattentive mother, a sketchy hired worker, and a dubious substance and came up with garden variety (no pun intended) head trauma due to tripping. If that isn't masterful manipulation of expectations to set up for a real suprise, I don't know what is.

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