Nikita Season 3 Review “‘Til Death Do Us Part”

We’re just six episodes away from the final, final episode of Nikta and perennial arch-nemesis Amanda still hasn’t been defeated even a little. On the bright side, ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ doesn’t actually contain the death of a central character, as was assumed, and, despite leaving Nikita and her allies in a decidedly sticky situation, we can still hope for a happy ending when the show returns for a shortened season four. The tease from last week was that, watched closely by Amanda, Nikita was being forced to assassinate the US President in exchange for Michael’s life. Via some helpful deception from Alex and Michael, who told her at the last second that they had found the magic antidote to their problem, she didn’t actually have to go through with it – but that doesn’t mean that Amanda didn’t have a contingency plan. The president shot herself once Nikita refused to carry out her mission, and it was one of the best twists this show has ever pulled off. READ MORE...


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