Game of Thrones Season 3 Review “Second Sons”

Much like the previous two seasons, season 3 of Game of Thrones seems to be doing the slow build toward major happenings. Prior to the start of the third season, fans of the television series were whipped into a fervor by people who had read the books. The third book is largely considered the best by those strange people who look at the bound pieces of paper with words on them. Still, this season has spent a bit too much time dragging its feet, walking through the forest, or engaging in some old-fashioned power-laced walk and talk. It’s perfectly fine to stop and smell the flowers (or hang with the Queen of Thorns). It’s an entirely different thing to set up camp there. That being said, this episode (the eighth of the season) finally put some smaller things in motion. When the season is over, this episode will likely be viewed as the amuse-bouche of the season. The stories were largely quiet and insular, but it was a lot easier to see how these stories fit into the larger equation. READ MORE...


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