Mad Men Season 6 Review “The Crash”

Don Draper is at his self-indulgent best this week after a shot of "proprietary vitamins" propels him into a three day, sleepless mania. While the energy boost is supposed to ignite the creative fire for a new Chevy campaign, Don spends most of his time flashing back to the loss of his virginity. The woman who pioneered the trail for many, many other women to come is a creepy blend of caring mother and whore. For one of the first times in his life, a young, sick Don is taken in and tenderly cared for. This nurturing is corrupted when the woman exploits his youth and inexperience by sexually educating him. When she later boasts, in front of Don’s entire family, of ushering him into manhood and demands recompense of $5, Don is given yet another reason to be suspicious of anyone who shows him affection. READ MORE...


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