'Doctor Who' finale Season 7 episode 13 review: 'Name of the Doctor' is a smashing finish

For a "Doctor Who" finale that accomplishes quite a lot in a rather brief amount of time, "The Name of the Doctor" is an incredibly smooth ride.Just think of everything on Steven Moffat's "to-do list" here: revealing the Doctor's greatest secret, explaining the mystery of Clara the Impossible Girl, bringing back River Song and the Great Intelligence, closing out the season and setting up the 50th anniversary special. And he pulls it all off with wit, verve and quite a bit of nerve -- topped off by a final scene that immediately goes down in "Who" history.To put it more succinctly: Yowza, what a finale.The episode zips right along, driven by everything we learn about both Clara and the Doctor. It gets off to a thrilling start on the Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey and immediately introduces a dazzling bit of 50th anniversary magic as Clara encounters every one of the past Doctors (including the...



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