Big Brother 10 - Episode 7 - Recap

Big brother 10 episode 7

Ok, so I missed episode 6 last week, but in short Steven was evicted and Keesha won HOH. Now that you are cought up it is time for episode 7, nomination night.

Now that Keesha is HOH she is planning to change the game. At the start of the episode she announces in the diary room that she is out for revenge after Steven was evicted.

The highlight of Keesha's HOH room was the photo of her dog, Gizmo. She could have cared less about her family.

Keesha tells April, Ollie and Libra that she wants to go against the 8 person alliance and nominate Angie. The whole time she is telling Libra her plans, she also wants to nominate Libra. Later Keesha tells Memphis her plan to nominate Angie. Mmemphis is pissed that she wants to go against the original plans.

Angie isn't blind to the plans to nominate her. She knows exactly what is up and immediately informs the rest of the alliance. As soon as Keesha's conversation with Memphis ends he tells everything he knows.

Dan works his magic to save his ass and


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