Mad Men Recap: You’re Pretentious, You Know That?

Like a lot of Mad Men episodes, “The Crash” needs to be seen twice — not to unlock any subtleties of structure or tone, but to get over the idea that it’s really “about” much of anything.

I guess you could make the case that it captures that post-MLK-RFK feeling that the entire world was losing its mind, or felt as if it was. Nearly early every moment feels knowingly off-kilter. A couple of the guest characters (the I Ching–obsessed, token-tossing hippie chick who ends up screwing Stan, and the African-American burglar posing as Don Draper’s mammy) feel like nightmare figures: manifestations of a rattled and deeply threatened collective WASP id. There are moments when the episode threatens to turn into another “Guy Walks Into an Advertising Office,” “Mystery Date,” or “Dark Shadows,” to name three Mad Men in which the terrors of sixties history intruded on the characters’ consciousness so insistently that the episodes themselves felt nightmarish; but they’re only moments.



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