The CW Reveals Fall Lineup; Watch Clips From All of the Shows, Including The Originals

The CW Releases Fall Show Trailers

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The CW isn’t a conventional network. After all, it’s the only network that found the need to put an article in front of its name. And they aren’t going the conventional route with their new fall shows, either. In fact there isn’t a comedy amongst them. The CW and comedy don’t click.

What The CW does like is fantasy, and the majority of its new shows fall squarely in the fantasy camp.

One of those shows has actually already premiered. The Originals, which is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, got a back-door premiere during TVD’s last season, setting the stage for the series centered on Klaus in the vampire-friendly city of New Orleans.

Star-Crossed, which will likely get a mid-season premiere, stars 90210’s Matt Lanter as a one of a group of teenage aliens who are attempting to integrate into an American high school. While there, he meets a girl that he may have known in childhood. Yeah. It’s confusing, but maybe the trailer will clear things up.

Reign is being touted as Game of Thrones for girls, although GoT is already for girls, last time I checked. The historical drama is set in the early days of Mary, Queen of Scotts reign, beginning in 1557. Something tells me the real royals were not quite as comely as the batch seen here.

The CW dips its toes in the post-apocalyptic well with The 100, about a group of people who are the first to step foot on Earth after it was decimated by a nuclear armageddon 100 years prior. Good luck finding a Starbucks!

The Tomorrow People — which, frankly, sounds like a good title for The 100 as well; good luck keeping those two straight! — is based on an old British TV series that ran twice, once in the ‘70’s and again in the ‘90’s. If the premise, centered on mutations that give a new generation of teenagers superpowers, sounds like the X-Men, well, I’m sure it’s purely coincidental.



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Veronica Cavara
May 25, 2013 3:43AM EDT

Well it need's a new name but I like the X-men and The Tomorrow People sounds like the best one, that or Reign.

May 27, 2013 12:36PM EDT

The Tomorrow People looks like the British series 'Misfits. Check it out, it's cool! This one, I'm not too sure about yet....

May 28, 2013 5:50PM EDT

Australians! australians everywhere! except for Star-crossed they all have aussie actors in them! I thought I was going crazy but:
the Originals: Phoebe Tonkin. Reign: Adelaide Kane. The 100: Bob Morley (too bad I wanted his character to come back to neighbours) AND Eliza Taylor. the Tomorrow People: Luke Mitchell (now I get why his character had to die off so suddenly in home and away).... so excited! I'm one of those weird non australians that love Aussie tv too much!

Jun 17, 2013 3:04AM EDT

Hsnna the Tomorrow People was the name of the original UK series too. I used to watch it as a teen.

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