Vicious Series 1 Episode 4 (ITV) Review

So far, Vicious has resisted the urge to delve into the physical troubles growing older can bring, despite mining absolutely everything else for comedy, but episode four is all about Stuart and Freddie’s perceived lost youth, looks and social stamina, as Ash invites them to a club he’s working at. Why a guy in his mid-20s would invite his strange neighbours in their 70s along to a club note isn’t explained, as it seems this is just the way it’s going to be, but the set-up offers its fair share of chuckles. The argument over who is better looking only ignites further when Freddie gets more male attention at the club and, while Freddie fits in with Ash’s friends, Stuart is more comfortable with his easy evenings at home. It’s not long before Freddie realises that the young lifestyle he’s adopted isn’t for him however, and the two reunite. READ MORE...


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